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If you are looking at this, I imagine you are seeking help and support for either yourself or a loved one. I suspect you feel helpless, powerless, nervous or anxious.

It is difficult to know where to start and understandably you would be keen to get the right sort of help. I came in to this work following on from my own experience of counselling as being deeply healing and life changing. I am very passionate about counselling. I know how powerful being heard and understood in a way that nobody else can is. I know that my therapist’s hope and kindness when I felt none kept me going. I also know first hand how scary and nerve wrecking it is to reach out and take that all important first help towards getting help.

Give yourself a pat on the back for being so brave!

  • The healing begins

    My aim as a counsellor and an alternative therapist is to offer you warmth, genuineness, gentleness, kindness and a non-judgemental, empathetic space where you can be yourself, explore your feelings, thoughts and behaviours and discover your own answers and ways forward. I hope to enable you to heal and fulfil your full potential.

  • A Comfortable Pace

    I work at your pace, in a way that feels right and non-threatening for you. In my experience of working with a variety of individuals from the ages of 4 upwards, talking alone isn’t necessarily the most appropriate, effective or helpful way to describe and explore one’s own experience.

  • An Approach to Suit You

    Different approaches suit different clients. Some people like to talk, others may not. This leads me to adapt to each client’s individual needs and working in a creative way offering clients the opportunity to experiment with channels such as art work, drawing, writing, painting, using clay, buttons, and shells, or through movements and acting out, as well as CBT like exercises. I find that sometimes Mindfulness or Visualisation exercises can be powerful in aiding and strengthening clients’ ability to cope or explore more difficult, deeper issues.

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